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Almost 30 years in business, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for credit grantors, makes CBS a vital partner with our clients. We look forward to exploring with you how your bankruptcy recovery can be maximized while reducing operating expenses.

CBS manages Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy processes, working to maximize recoveries for our creditor clients. We service credit grantors on a national basis, including retailers, banks, credit card issuers, debt buyers, healthcare providers, auto finance companies and others.

Chapter 13
Chapter 13 claims are filed in compliance with the varying local rules imposed by each bankruptcy jurisdiction. CBS verifies and monitors each case throughout its entire life until dismissal, conversion to Chapter 7 or discharge. Studies have shown that, without continuous monitoring, more than 20% of the cases will not generate any recovery even though claims were filed. About half of Chapter 13 cases are dismissed, and CBS returns dismissals to our clients at no cost so that collection efforts can be resumed.

Chapter 7
Action is taken on each secured Chapter 7 account to protect the creditor’s security interest.
Unsecured accounts are solicited for reaffirmation in accordance with each client’s policy and criteria. Our procedures for reaffirmation have been reviewed and approved by third party attorneys, auditors and consultants.

Certain Chapter 7 cases are deemed “Asset” cases by the Court, sometimes months after the case is filed. These cases provide recovery opportunity for unsecured creditors. CBS files claims in these cases and recovery can be substantial.

Supplemental Services
To obtain the maximum benefit from partnering with CBS in bankruptcy recovery, clients are making CBS a direct extension of their operation. The starting point is Electronic Bankruptcy Notification to obtain accurate and timely information on bankruptcy filings. The combination of Electronic Bankruptcy Notification, account coding, mail handling and recovery services allows CBS to provide the entire process of bankrupt account management, from receipt of notice to putting money in our clients’ bank accounts. This assures that our clients receive maximum recovery with minimum expense. Read about these supplement services in the following links:

Electronic Bankruptcy Notification & Portfolio Monitoring
Account Coding & Mail Handling
Reaffirmation & Reinstatement
Specialized Services for Auto Finance Companies
Specialized Services for Debt Buyers
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