CBS Office
15660 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 300
Dallas, Texas 75248



Paul B. Mason

Paul founded CBS in 1983 following many years’ experience in the credit industry. He held several credit management positions with Sears Roebuck over a 10-year period and then spent 23 years with the Montgomery Ward credit operation, including the position of General Credit Manager. At various times he was a Director of the International Credit Association and President of the Credit Management Association of Dallas.

Ralph Ellis
President & Chief Financial Officer

Ralph joined CBS in 1996, having served as the company’s CPA since 1983. His experience of over 25 years includes the public accounting firm of Ernst & Young and his own public CPA practice. He also served as an internal auditor with Textron, Inc.

Mark Bennett
Vice President, Operations

Mark joined CBS in 1990. He began his career in the Montgomery Ward credit operation, holding management positions in collections and credit service. Immediately before joining CBS he served as Operations Manager for a division of Trans Union Corporation.

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